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Everyone has needs that need to be addressed and acknowledged

Every age group has its own physical, social, and mental needs. Children need to have access to a safe environment where they can grow healthy and learn from their parents and family. Depriving a child of their needs be it through poverty-stricken conditions or abuse can negatively impact their growth and development.

Adolescents have emotional support needs that are constantly changing with the hormones in their body, emotional outbursts, isolation, aggressiveness that are apparent with this age group, and if they don’t have a strong support system to help them cope with the changes in their body and their emotions, it can put them at risk of depression and other mental health illnesses.

When it comes to adults, this age group often overlooks their own mental health, but accumulating stress be it physical or psychological can make them vulnerable to disease. Promoting mental health awareness is vital to everyone so they can go to a professional and get the appropriate help they need.


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